05. 03. 2023

Automatic pellet boilers from a leading Czech manufacturer are equipped with control electronics and a power source of our production. This is supplied for a new generation of automatic boilers with top emission properties. Fully automatic boilers are equipped with automatic flue gas exchanger cleaning and ash removal, their operation can be controlled equithermally based on the external temperature. These are automatic boilers controlled by thermostats, so permanent maintenance is not required.

The MZU 010 / II monitoring device with a touch screen is supplied as a complete product and is intended for both clinical and operational signaling of medical conditions.
nal gases in the pipe distribution and the source. Its purpose is to warn of an unsatisfactory condition by light and acoustic signaling,
or to send information to external signaling devices. Furthermore, the MZU 010 / II allows measuring the consumption of the monitored gas,
both the current flow rate and the total consumption over time. MZU 010 / II can be installed in or on the wall.
The monitored parameters are set in the device menu via the touch screen directly at the installation site.
Supply of control units for Wittmann injection machines.
Control electronics for Rolletic massage machines are a guarantee of low acquisition and operating costs with almost zero failure rate and simple operation.