Machinery and technological equipment

07. 03. 2023

Jet Printer MYDATA My500


Contactless application of solder pastes and adhesives using the "jet print" method without the need for use
templates at speeds up to 30,000CPH.Applying paste or glue without using a template

• Screen printing speed, dispenser flexibility - 30,000CPH (IPC9850)
• Changing product, paste and machine settings takes less than a minute
• No cleaning up bad prints, frames, etc. No warehouses for frames and stencils
• We determine the size, quantity and shape of the print ourselves - "virtual stencil"
• We do not wait for the manufacturer to produce the template and with what result

MYDATA MY100LX-14 fitting machine

A highly flexible slotting machine with a maximum speed of up to 16,000CPH with worldwide
unique feeder system AGILIS.

• High-mix at high speeds up to 16,000CPH
• Possibility of continuous production for small series
• Excellent accuracy as well as unsurpassed flexibility
• Unique concept of AGILIS feeders

MYDATA SMD tower 200

Flexible automatic storage of discs and JEDEC pallets.

• max. capacity 540 pcs
• short access time
• eliminates lack of transparency and mix-up of the warehouse
• controlled atmosphere – maintaining residual humidity (RH) up to 3.5% enables storage
   MSD components without the need for re-vacuum
• for MSD components alarm functions for staying outside the maintained environment and automatic
   release of a new reel
• the possibility of monitoring the expiration of stored components with an alarm function
• compact design, space-saving – up to 658 discs per 1m²
• immediate real overview of actual material stocks
• by pressing one button "warehouse" releases all necessary material "in hand"

Soldering furnace ASSCON VP1000-33

Enables error-free lead-free soldering of even the most complex SMT assemblies in small a
middle series.

• soldering system for the highest technological requirements
• homogeneous temperature distribution throughout the assembly
• product protection against overheating
• no shadows or color changes
• repeatability of process conditions
• fast generation of temperature profiles
• universally applicable for series and individual operations

Soldering wave SEHO 8140-PCS

It is designed for medium and large production volumes and is ideal for lead i
lead-free process. Ensures reliable soldering for both complex SMDs
plates and classic lineups.

Tester Flying Probe SPEA 4040

• very accurate and fast tester is designed for small to large volume production
• high mechanical precision provides the possibility of testing ultra-fine components
• using 6 probes (4 on the top and 2 on the bottom of the board), the system can simultaneously test both
   DPS side
• the system can perform a parallel test of several boards at the same time even when different operations are requested
   (functional test, optical inspection).

ASYMTEK painting equipment


• the system ensures accurate dosing of protective varnish for semiconductor applications
• patented automatic mass flow calibration compensates for changes
   in viscosity of the liquid
• the system is intended for serial production as well as the development of new products



Spray washing equipment INJET 676 CRD

It is used for full spray washing, including the removal of flux residues after soldering from the PCB.

• fully automated cleaning, rinsing and drying processes in one chamber
• two separate processes (cleaning - rinsing liquid and drying - hot compressed air)
• completely controlled by PLC - all processes are easily set to touch
• contamination of the mechanical filter and rinsing liquid is electronically monitored
• Di-conductivity of water is automatically measured